Regarding the article in ABC news "Sydney stabbing accused Mert Ney facing charges relating to drugs, child abuse material"

it the above article it states:"Court documents revealed in addition to his initial charges, he now faces charges of possessing child abuse material, possessing 1.6 grams of cannabis and going armed with intent to commit an indictable offence."

It also states the following: "The court has previously been told Mr Ney was "suffering" in custody with problems including insomnia and required medication for pain and mental illness."

Let it be know to those who are unaware that those predisposed to mental illness and in particular schizophrenia, should avoid cannabis!

This is really the only contraindication that needs to be asked prior to using cannabis. Do you or your family have a history of mental illness and in particular schizophrenia?
Cannabis does not cause schizophrenia but can trigger the dormant illness.

Unlike 50 years ago, schizophrenics now live within our community and are not confined in a mental asylum, they also self medicate with many drugs, cannabis and alcohol I would think being the most common choices, and sometimes both to their detriment.

The ABC news should be aware of this fact and include it within such articles related to schizophrenia and cannabis, otherwise the article seems sensationalistic.
lets be a little more comprehensive next time ABC and dig a little deeper.

Robert Darley
weed it.