Not really news that strains of cannabis now have high THC content, it's what most recreational cannabis users desire, potent cannabis. Some cannabis strains boast THC content 25 percent and maybe even higher? government officials, doctors and anyone who's anti cannabis for whatever reason state this in articles all the time

"the cannabis is so much stronger these days" much stronger than in the hippie era when THC levels were maybe 10% of the cannabioid profile, and here's where it gets interesting!
A few years back I interviewed Tony Bower and asked him what was the level of THC in his strain of cannabis he called Cleverman. He said it was 9%, and I thought to myself.... that seems low in this day and age 9%, must be a watered down version for the infirmed.
I said to him that sounds mild 9%, why so low? and he explained. He said it's not the percentage of THC necessarily but the amount of resin on the plant.
If a plant is covered with resin, gooey with resin, sticky to the point that it's hard to grind or chop, a strain of  9% can easily be stronger than one of 27% with less much less resin.Tony made logical sense.
The percentage of THC on it's own means very little, potency of a plant needs to take into account the actual resin content. Generally speaking the stickiness of the flower is a good indication.
Much of the cannabis commercially grown indoors these days lacks high resin content. Growers use what's know as PGR's, a growth regulator that makes the flowering heads look pretty, but they're not so sticky or potent. In fact if PGR's are used too much they can be dangerous, actually carcinogenic.
So next time you look at a strain and see the THC content is 35% or some ridiculous number, keep this in mind. It's all about marketing and money, not a good thing when it comes to medicine.
And thanks Tony for being who you are, honest.... and a clever man.

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Tony Bower is now a free man again thankfully, and deservedly so..