The following Vice video "stealthcare" documents the ridiculous state of medical cannabis regulation in Australia.
Medical cannabis has now been legal in Australia for several years, but due to insanely restrictive laws

, it's only available to those with lots of money and an illness that's close to terminal.
While watching this video, it's obvious that the medical cannabis industry is all about making money and not so much about the health and well being of people.
Those who invest in the industries monetary potenial are "the cowboys" willing to take risks for big profits. The" indians" would be the illegal growers, fighting against what they consider unjust laws.
Then we have the dying, that would be the patients that struggle to access the right type of cannabis, the correct cannabinoid profile, the correct dosage and the freedom to try and heal themselves, to stay alive.

This doco depicts the struggle backyard cannabis growers have, dealing with constant paranoia and fear of reprisal from the police, or thieves looking for an easy target.
The biggest problem with cannabis seems to be the money involved, It's an easy target for government tax and theives to steal.
Or... is it the lack of research and scientific based education??
Either way, both issues need addressing.

But what about those patients, sick people! who don't have the health, don't own a house, can't work due to their illness. How do these people get by? Or should we just forget about those who are really in need? Just focus on those who can afford an extra $500 per week for their chronic illness.
It's no wonder there are very few patients registered as medical cannabis users.
The medical cannabis system in Australia is very flawed and needs some serious changes.
Cannabis needs to be totally legalised as has happened in Canada, the "money" involved in the industry needs to be removed from the equation and replaced with some humanity, research and education.
I'm not saying it should be free, nothing is free!but it should be priced somewhere between a carrot and a bunch of parsley.

We need a fresh pair of eyes, a new voice in government. Someone like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Recently Prime Minister Trudeau argued with cannabis businesses that "if you can brew your own beer, you can grow your own cannabis". This is the way it should be and will be here in Australia, and no government will stop the inevitable education, research and spread of cannabis use globally.
So rather than being the last pig to the trough, wake up Australia! We are not the leaders of medical cannabis research, we don't know what the "trough" looks like.
Our health minister doesn't know the difference between cannabis and marijuana .... there is none, trick question.
In this video one of the stealth growers talks about the deaths of those he has procured cannabis for and how most have died, and how cannabis is not a panacea.
His heart is in the right place, but he is not a doctor and the reality is that none of us know very much due to research restrictions placed on this benign plant.
Who knows what the situation is with cannabis curing cancer, research is being stifled by stupid restrictive laws that are based on lies from 50 years ago, the cold war period, president NIxon.
And we all know the sort of integrity he had, watergate, cannagate (has a ring to it)
I've interviewed Dennis Hill (bio chemist) who was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer and is 7 years in remission.
Now prostate cancer is not stage 4 lung cancer, but maybe with some tweaking of the cannabinoid profiles, curing stage 4 lung cancer is possible.
Dr Cristina Sanchez (bio chemist and molecular biologist) studied the effects of cannabinoids on cancer cells (pre clinical) for 15 years or more and from her research, cannabis shows so much potential with many illnesses.
This research is being ignored by businesses because they can't monetise it or should I say monopolise it? kit's one of the two.
Cannabis can, and will be legalised in Australia for home growing. The momentum that has been created via the internet, blogs etc can't be stopped, the rest of the developed world is seeing this, why are we so dumb? or are we Australians just desperate to keep our housing based economy from tumbling to the ground. Afraid of our pharmaceutical industry suffering, doctors loosing clients. I'd say all of the above.

We don't know much about cannabis, but what we do know is it has never killed anyone, and that alone is a biggy.
We also know know that mammals have an endocannabinoid system that utilises the cannabinoids within cannabis, such as THC, CBD, CBN, etc we keep discovering new ones...
Some of us.... know from data collected from Harvard University,(Dr Lester Grinspoon)Dr Lester Grinspoon) that cannabis does not cause the disease schizophrenia.
It's a fact that the US government drafted a patent for medicinal qualities of cannabis (hypocrites)
We all know that people's health and well being should come before financial gain!
The above facts are not anecdotal and in my humble opinion enough to substantiate a change in the law immediately.
We need new government in Australia, where are you Justin trudeu? who has the might to fight for what's right? and the wisdom to know the difference.