If you ask Sha Carri Richardson 100 metre sprinter I think the answer would be no, probably the same with Michael Phelps, one of the greatest ever swimmers.
But what about driving whilst under the influence on cannabis, I recently read an article on crazeco.com.au: "Unimpaired Medical Cannabis patients can lawfully drive in Tasmania"

The team over at Drive Change have identified a defense for unimpaired medicinal cannabis patients who return a positive result to a roadside drug test.
In a nutshell, it seems that if a medical cannabis patient is swab tested by police when driving, the Tasmanian police will do some type of impairment test as a secondary measure. What the impairment test is, not sure.
Could be walking a straight line, touching your nose with eyes close, these were the impairment test of the past. Maybe there's an app involved and a cloud or something.
Regardless of the test it sets a precedent for the other states and territories of Australia.
If the government knew anything about cannabis and particularly people who use cannabis daily for medicinal purposes, they would know that frequent users of cannabis are more erratic drivers without cannabis in their system. It's similar to a person with a nicotine habit withdrawing, very erratic and potentially very dangerous.
Driving jet lagged, tired, on prescription cocktails, also very hazardous, but accepted.
Listen to this interview with Irvin Rosenfeld about driving with cannabis, he consumes 300 cannabis joints per month and has done so for the past 35 years. He drives to work each day with a joint of cannabis in his lips.
Some of the most amazingly talented individuals on this planet are cannabis users, writers, artists, academics,sportsmen/women.
Carl Sagan is one who really stands out; an American astronomer, planetary scientist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist and prolific writer. Was this man Impaired or enhanced?
The other question this leads onto is whether recreational cannabis is more dangerous than what the TGA identifies as medicinal? and if a medicinal cannabis patient is allowed to drive why not a healthy recreational cannabis user.
Medical cannabis and recreational cannabis or marijuana are one and the same, both cannabis plants. The big difference is one is legal for some and one is not.
Another thing to consider is the comparison of alcohol to cannabis, two totally different effects, especially while driving.
Drinking alcohol is known to give courage to the consumer, it makes users fearless, reckless, aggressive in some. Domestic violence and alcohol are closely related to each other.
Just a small amount of pure alcohol is lethal!
Cannabis on the other hand generally makes users more cautious and less likely to speed or drive erratically.
There have been tests done in the US proving the above.

Study: Alcohol 10 Times More Likely to Cause Fatal Accident than Cannabis


Risk crash assessment test by US Department Of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration