The question is do we want to help people, cure them of illness, ease their sufferring, or do we want to create a criminal enviroment.
It's a fact that if a high value is placed on a commodity, crime is close by.

A medical cannabis driver was shot twice while making a delivery Friday night, according to San Diego police.

The 21-year-old victim stopped in the 2000 block of Hallet Street to make the delivery when a man with a covered face approached the car with a gun and demanded the pot.

The driver grabbed the gun during the struggle and was shot twice in the hand.


The topic that dominates the news lately is medical cannabis big business, stock prices, billion dollar industry.
This will only attract crime, promote crime and make those with chronic illnesses that can benefit from cannabis medicine suffer needlessly.
If cannabis is somewhat of a panacea, a miracle plant, shouldn't it be affordable, regulated and unregulated, cheap enough so it's not worth shooting someone for?
As in Uruguay, it should be valued at approximately $1 per gram retail.
Those in need of cannabis for medicinal purposes should be allow, entitled, to grow enough to satisfy their own personal needs.
Anything less is immoral and criminal.

By Robert Darley