In the following interview Zoe Sigman discusses the endocannabinoid system with emphasis on the cannabinoid CBD.
Zoe is a writer/researcher for the CBD project.
I'm very skeptical about the medicinal efficacy of any isolated cannabinoids believing that nature knows best and people have ulterior motives.

In saying the above there is very little clinical research on cannabis due to government restrictions, even though the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming.
In the following video Zoe has some interesting things to say and well worth a listen to.
THC and the perception of pain is one that grabbed me.
Massage, Echinacea, meditation and Anandamide and some discussion about CBGA and CBG et cetera.
She mentions scientists such as Ethan Russo and Raphael Mechoulam in her credits, but not Dr Christina Sanchez or Dr. Manuel Guzmán, who were pioneers of cannabis research. Regardless, she seems informative and when asked a question (towards the end) if she didn't know, she said it.

If your not the gesticulating type, you may find this video not to your taste, see's fast in speech and movement and the terminology is .... well you'll see, full of elucidation:)
I watched the entire video and came out with a few new things to think about. Enjoy.