Cannabis the plant, is medicinal, regardless of the terms medical or medicinal placed in front of it, it's that plain and simple.
How the AMA and our stupid government can deny this is sheer hypocrisy and personally I'm sick of lies.

First of all the only difference between medical cannabis and recreational cannabis, is the standardisation.
The advantage of "medical cannabis" is the standardisation. Each grow should be well monitored and regulated and really this is the only way scientific studies can done, through a standardised process.
With standardised research, test results can be duplicated and when this happens conclusions can be collected and compared.
Without standardisation this is impossible.
unfortunately the global governing bodies have made cannabis research all but impossible for those of us who seek some truth.
Cannabis is categorised as a plant with no medicinal properties and in the same category as heroin, a very dangerous drug, which commonly leads to deaths.
Cannabis on the other hand has yet to take a life, in written history.
Now for some obscene hypocrisy.
The US government actually has a patent on the medicinal effects of cannabis, since oct 2003.

The audacity of the government is unbelievable, they say there is no proof of any medicinal property, yet the US government applies for a patent on the medicinal benifits.
Life doesn't get more hypocritical than this!
They must be high on the psychopathic spectrum to be able to sleep at night.
I consider this sort of conduct as evil, really no other description that comes to mind.
Our government is no better, nor is the AMA who have done everything in their power to quash any sort of research. They cry out about the lack of research, but it's almost impossible to do with the laws as they stand.
No integrity, compassion or godliness,  just evil psychopaths.
So how do we fix this mess of propaganda, lies, neglect?
A referendum based political system, we need to vote out the government before they totally destroy this planet, along with us.
Their system has failed miserably on so many levels, this is obvious.
I belief in a system based on scientific facts, that what scientists do, create factual data. To ignore their research is arrogant.
It's not just climate change the government is ignoring, it's everything that does not reward the 1%
The following video talks about this outrageous hypocrisy.


By Robert Darley
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