The ACT legislature have voted in favor of legalising cannabis for personal use. Unfortunately the Federal Government might be about to spoil the party.
By Hugo Gray

Australia's cannabis legalisation movement might be about to suffer a serious blow, after the Federal Government announced that it is considering overriding the ACT government's recent decision to legalise the drug for personal use from January 31, 2020.


I don't know where Mr Hunt sourced his research information from, but this propaganda has already been debunked by more qualified persons, such as;
Associate Professor of Psychiatry Lester Grinspoon, Emeritus at Harvard Medical School and Prof David Nutt neuropsychopharmacologist specialising in the research of drugs that affect the brain.
These two doctors are leaders in their fields and both concur that cannabis does not cause schizophrenia, it may trigger schizophrenia in the 1% that are predisposed to the disease, but it does not cause the disease!
In saying the above many other events can trigger the disease, such as alcohol abuse, relationship troubles, traumas, etc, etc.
Now if the Minister for Health, Greg Hunt is better informed, please be more specific about the research and data.
Prof Lester Grinspoon's research seems very reliable and sensible, it's based on the fact that the percentage of people sufferring from schizophrenia as researched by Harvard Medical School has remained at 1% regardless of spikes in cannabis use during the hippy era of the 60's 70's and so on.

On another note the health minister's 3 million dollars for research is pathetic and a waste of money, almost as bad as his attempt to placate those sufferring the effects of thalidomide with a garden that's not suitable for people with disability.
I'm so disgusted with the government in power, gambling advertisements littering children's time television, no respect for scientific research, land and housing prices ridiculously unaffordable, raping the land of it's resources with no regard for future tenants of this great country.
We had a wonderful unique country to live in, beautiful !! and the powers that be are killing it very quickly for a quick buck, it's just really bad management, selfish greed.
Pseudo Christian politicians, makes me sick.

Firstly; Let's Ausexit and be Australian, we need one law, not a bunch that conflict eachother...... what a sad joke.
Secondly; we need a system based on debate and referrendum
Thirdly; change our way of thinking, sheep don't belong in Australia, kangaroos do.

Written By Robert Darley
For Medical Cannabis Australia