Very little research has been done since medical cannabis became legal in Australia, patients are getting frustrated with the lack of effort on the government's part.
The pharmaceutical industry is also quite complacent with research, which it's not surprising as it competes with their products.

Research that has been published is conflicting, some research says cannabis causes anxiety, some the opposite, so who do you believe?
Anecdotal evidence suggests cannabis can cure cancer, other research says it has little effect on anything.
Rick Simpson the Canadian, (not the fake Australian Rick Simpson) swears that it cures cancer along with a plethora of other diseases and he has many testimonials from patients under his belt. Dennis Hill the biochemist claims he cured himself of stage 3 prostate cancer and has reports to prove it.
The thing about Rick Simpson is that he never tried to sell anything, he always promoted the do it yourself method. Grow or buy some high potency (THC) cannabis and make your own oil, there was no monetary gain on his part. He preached the word like Jesus, with conviction, he convinced me and I'm pretty skeptical of most things.
Cristina Sanchez, the molecular biologist and biochemist discovered that cannabis does kill cancer cells in pre clinical research, in other words on mice. That was many years ago now, I think she became disheartened with the lack of enthusiasm in her discovery. She claimed that her best results were with a whole plant cannabinoid profile, she called it the entourage effect.
Meaning cannabis in it's entirety with both THC, CBD and all the other cannabinoids, some of which have only recently been discovered.
I digress, this article is suppose to be about the "Dangers Of Cannabis".the point is, very little has been done by those in power to discover the truth or follow up on the research of Cristina Sanchez, Rick Simpson and even Tony Bower, who I believe is still imprisoned but seemingly helped so many with his cannabis tinctures.
Ok, lets get back on track.
One of the big movers in the cannabis scene is Prof David Nutt and for good reason! Prof Nutt has some very impressive credentials, so impressive that he was contracted by the UK government to research and list the dangers of cannabis. Primarily he's a  neuropsychopharmacologist  (25 letters, ouch) other credentials are too long to list, see his wikipedia page
The UK government contracted professor Nutt because he had the best credentials in his field, after many years of research on the "dangers of cannabis", Prof Nutt submitted his findings to the UK government and they promptly fired him. His findings weren't what the government wanted to see, which sort of makes a mockery of the process of science or the government, take your pick.(See Harm Caused By Drugs table above)
In reviewing the above table I had a few questions for Prof Nutt, which he promptly answered, below is our email, Nutt's reply in Upper Case/ Red

Dear Prof Nutt,
I’m contacting you regarding your research into the dangers of cannabis. I have a few questions about your findings and specifically your table as seen above.
In this table cannabis ranks safer than the following drugs:

Crack Cocaine
But it also shows it’s more dangerous than the following:
Anabolic Steroids
RE the dangers of cannabis, can you be more specific?
Do these dangers include smoking YES and if smoking was taken out of the equation and substituted for convection vaping, would that make a difference? YES
Same goes for eating cannabis oil, cookies etc, ? YES
Are your findings for pure cannabis or mixed wth tobacco YES with tobacco (which is very prevalent in Australia, UK and many other countries)
If tobacco and smoking are taken out of the equation would this change it’s ranking? PROBABLY NOT MUCH AS THE SCORE FOR PHYSICAL HARMS IS QUITE LOW ANYWAY
This answer surprises me as tobacco is ranked quite high.
Also, if the cannabis was organically grown in the sun instead of hydroponically or under artificial lights and with chemicals such as PGR’s (plant growth regulators) would this make it safer? MARGINALLY
So taking the above answeres into account; if a person consumes organic cannabis (grown at home, self regulated) does not combust the plant material, either vaporises or eats, how would this reflect it’s rating? MIGHT GO DOWN A LITTLE
On receiving the reply from the professor I had mixed feelings, on one hand very grateful he answered, but on the other disappointed that it didn't accurately define the dangers of "Cannabis".
I have the utmost respect for Prof Nutt but know the the devil is in the detail and the public needs to be educated, as do I.
I'm not a scientist, but I would like to know the dangers of cannabis without smoking, without tobacco, or just using edibles.
I think one of the best examples of the dangers of cannabis is with Irvin Rosenfeld who has been supplied cannabis by the US government for the past 36-7 years.Cannabis grown and regulated at the university of Mississippi .
Every month Irvin Rosenfeld consumes 300 cannabis joints, just pure cannabis, no tobacco, he has done this for the past 34 years.
Irvin works, drives to work every day smoking a joint while driving and has never had an accident.

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