In the following interview Zoe Sigman discusses the endocannabinoid system with emphasis on the cannabinoid CBD.
Zoe is a writer/researcher for the CBD project.
I'm very skeptical about the medicinal efficacy of any isolated cannabinoids believing that nature knows best and people have ulterior motives.

Cannabis the plant, is medicinal, regardless of the terms medical or medicinal placed in front of it, it's that plain and simple.
How the AMA and our stupid government can deny this is sheer hypocrisy and personally I'm sick of lies.

The ACT legislature have voted in favor of legalising cannabis for personal use. Unfortunately the Federal Government might be about to spoil the party.
By Hugo Gray

Australia's cannabis legalisation movement might be about to suffer a serious blow, after the Federal Government announced that it is considering overriding the ACT government's recent decision to legalise the drug for personal use from January 31, 2020.

CAMBRIDGE, MA—Shedding light on a promising way to provide relief from the chronic condition, a study published Monday by Harvard University found that medical marijuana was an effective treatment for long-term pain over Jerry Garcia’s death.

Regarding the article in ABC news "Sydney stabbing accused Mert Ney facing charges relating to drugs, child abuse material"

This is a recent article from the Byron Echo reflecting the frustrations of Australian citizens;

The good oil
Colin Thornton, Federal

Now that medicinal cannabis is finally legal you would think that it would be freely available. But doctors who have tried to access it on behalf of needy patients have found themselves forced through so many legal hoops and obstacles that it becomes almost impossible. And then, if it is actually obtained, the (imported) product is prohibitively expensive.