Senate candidates for New South Wales and Queensland

Groups Q is Mr Balderstone and Gail Hester who are the party’s two candidates from New South Wales and Group C in Queensland are Bernie Bradley and Suzette Luyken

Mr Balderstone said the evidence is in truckloads now from overseas jurisdictions which have had legal cannabis for decades that legalising has only good consequences. ‘Many American states have seen suicides, domestic violence and car accidents statistics fall significantly since legalising.

‘The economic benefits are obvious but the social implications are even more important, especially for our young people.

The above snippet of information was sourced from the Byron Echo
More informaton regarding the Legalise Cannabis Australia Party can be found at this site:


CAMBRIDGE, MA—Shedding light on a promising way to provide relief from the chronic condition, a study published Monday by Harvard University found that medical marijuana was an effective treatment for long-term pain over Jerry Garcia’s death.

Here at, we like to stick to the science of cannabis and this is interesting! Who has ever heard of the root being medicinal?
Big thanks to patients 4 medical marijuana it's a great site for facts about cannabis.

Very little research has been done since medical cannabis became legal in Australia, patients are getting frustrated with the lack of effort on the government's part.
The pharmaceutical industry is also quite complacent with research, which it's not surprising as it competes with their products.

An Open Letter To Jeff Sessions From A Doctor Whose Patients Rely On Medical Marijuana, (Known As Medical Cannabis In Australia)

By Dr. David Bearman –

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Someone has a stroke every 53 seconds. Most are ischemic, which deny blood and oxygen to brain tissue cells due to blood vessel constrictions or obstructions. Hemorrhagic strokes, which occur from leaking or burst brain blood vessels, are in the minority.