Not really news that strains of cannabis now have high THC content, it's what most recreational cannabis users desire, potent cannabis. Some cannabis strains boast THC content 25 percent and maybe even higher? government officials, doctors and anyone who's anti cannabis for whatever reason state this in articles all the time

Lets talk scientific about the dangers of cannabis or marijuana, whatever you choose to call it.
The Following table Harm Caused By Drugs was formulated by Prof David Nutt.

The following Vice video "stealthcare" documents the ridiculous state of medical cannabis regulation in Australia.
Medical cannabis has now been legal in Australia for several years, but due to insanely restrictive laws

Very little research has been done since medical cannabis has become legal (for some) in Australia, and many patients are getting frustrated with the lack of effort on the government part.
The pharmaceutical industry is quite complacent with any research which it's not surprising as it competes with their products.

An Open Letter To Jeff Sessions From A Doctor Whose Patients Rely On Medical Marijuana, (Known As Medical Cannabis In Australia)

By Dr. David Bearman –

Here at, we like to stick to the science of cannabis and this is interesting! Who has ever heard of the root being medicinal?
Big thanks to patients 4 medical marijuana it's a great site for facts about cannabis.